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I’m currently working on two new websites. One of them is the official, which will be more ‘business’ oriented, the second one, which i’m very excited about, is a resources website.

During these last few years i’ve been lecturing and consulting i’ve produced quite a lot of E-books, whitepapers, video and audio content , presentations slideshow, infograhpics and more. ‘The Resources’ website will gather most of this content as downloadable (mostly free i guess) content .

Right now i’m working on the website itself – rebranding and web proofing some of the content. For the meantime I’ve decided to start posting some the currently available online content on this page. So check this spot for updates:

The Resources

Pinterest boards:

I keep updating these boards so you should follow them to stay updated.

‘Social Media Infographics’ board . This was my first board on Pinterest collecting useful and insightful infographics regarding social media statistics and tips. Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest , Linkedin and Blogging. It’s all in there.

‘Mobile Marketing Infographics’ board. One of my biggest projects of 2012 was working with OnTheMob, one of the leading mobile marketing agencies in Israel that caters for some the biggest brands around (Philips, Hot, Cellcom, Huggis Israel and many more).  As a part of my research I encountered tons of great info about Mobile Marketing.   This board has many of the useful infographics I found. Click here to see it.

‘Marketing Resources’ board. A relatively new board concentrating all ‘Other’ Marketing and branding resources. From brand awareness to the Psychology of colors used in brand’s logos.

Presentation and Slides

Content Driven Design  – Landing pages that drive action (SlideShare). Back in July, I gave a talk at Carmel Venture’s UX Forum meeting. This slide show is a web-version of that presentation explaining are the questions you need to ask yourself while building a relationship building and action driving Landing page. Click here.

Branding your online self – A draft for my short lecture at Afeka College’s ‘e102010 entrepreneurs week’. This lecture was meant to be a short introduction to online branding and it dates back to 2010. This document was never meant to go public, so there may be some grammar issues, but I promise the content is great altogether.


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