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Productivity Docks 1#: Clutter free

About two weeks ago I posted a shout out for mac users to send me a picture of their mac’s dock with a short paragraph about the apps they use and why those particular apps.

It was amazing to see how other people use their mac for work and their productivity habits. I’ll be sure to post about them throughout the ‘Productivity Docks’ series.

I’m a big believer in productivity tools. We each have our own set of tools. It could be pen and paper, a mac or an iPad. Whatever works for you. This series is about the productivity methods used when working on a mac.

Productivity is more than just waking up early in the morning

Productivity is more than just waking up early in the morning


The first post of the series is mine. I hope you’ll enjoy it and it will encourage you to send me more of your own work. Lets go:

What I do:

You can read all about what I do on this blog’s ‘about’ page but I’ll summarize it and save you the read.

These days I focus on three types of work:

1. I consult brands and start-ups on community building and growth hacking.

2. I  lecture and give talks about social media (as well as community building

3. And last but not least, I act as editor in chief for a big Israeli tech blog ( My position includes keeping up to date with content, curating it, writing and editing posts and working with clients.

My Dock Philosophy:

I use my mac mostly for work (I spend my free time on my iPad mostly), so for me it has to be a super-focused-productive space. That means it has to be clutter and distractions free.

With that in mind, this is how I set up my mac’s dock and desktop:

My Desktop is files free (There’s absolutely nothing on it). The only files that might go on it are documents I’m currently working on and I need a quick access to.

At the end of each day I’ll erase what’s unnecessary so I could start fresh the next day.

Same goes regarding my dock.

Files and clutter free

Files and clutter free


I used to love the default dock look, but it’s more of a distraction than a real work benefit so I’ve fully customized it leaving most of Apple’s apps out.

Now, the only apps on it are the ones I use on a daily basis. Each one of the apps is opened a few times during my workday.

The auditions to go on the dock aren’t easy. It’s hard to get in and easy to get kicked out. Every 3-4 days i’ll review the dock, if there’ an app to spare it’ll be removed.

To enhance productivity when using app that aren’t on the dock I use Alfred for mac which does the trick.

The apps I use:

Here’s the list of apps on my dock I use daily:

  • Sparrow (looking for a better email app, any suggestions?)
  • Safari
  • iCal
  • Spotify – My main music app.
  • Skype – I do  a lot of online meetings, it’s a huge time saver
  • Caffeinated – My preferred google reader client
  • Pocket
  • Photoshop cs6
  • Things – The ultimate to-do list app
  • Evernote – I use evernote to curate, do research, write, plan. I do all my work on Evernote.
  • Day one – My daily self-report tool.

Some day I’ll post exactly how I use each tool, but for now, these are the apps I keep on my dock for daily use.

How does your dock look like? How do you choose your apps for the dock? email me for a guest post




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