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My talk for the NMCO open day (Resource)

Last week I gave a talk for the New Media College’s open day.

The New Media College is an institute based in Tel Aviv (Israel) that trains people to be Social Media marketers. I love giving talks there because it gives me a chance to speak with people who are training to run social media for businesses and adding value, understanding the importance of brand strategy and actually working to build a community around products and companies, not just gain likes or followers.

I was honoured to be chosen to speak at their once-a-year open day.

The 90 minute talk revolved around ‘Intro to social media marketing and sales’. It’s hard to summarize such a large-scale topic in an hour and a half, but I did my best.

The talk was originally in Hebrew (Click here for the Hebrew version), but I’ve uploaded an English web-modified version too.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to share the presentation or follow me on slideshare. I’ll be uploading tons of new presentations soon.


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A 90 minute talk revolved around 'Intro to social media marketing and sales'

A 90 minute talk : ‘Intro to social media marketing and sales’



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