My talk at Google Campus: ‘How to Growth Hack through UX’

Last Wednesday  (25.12) I got a chance to give a talk at Avi Itzkovitch’s  ‘UX Salon’ Meetup group at Google Israel’s Campus.

I gave a one-hour talk about “How to Growth Hack through UX” followed by a 30 min. Q&A and a 30 min. mini-live workshop.

The talk focused on the basics of “what is growth hacking” and 5 case studies about the usage of growth tricks used by some the biggest companies we know today such as Twitter, Instagram, Hotmail (now owned by Microsoft), LinkedIn and Dropbox.

The responses were really great so I decided to upload the slides to, (it’s been trending for the last 3 days) where I can share them with my readers.

If you want to catch a quick glimpse into the world of growth hackers or even get some ideas, I hope you’ll find this presentation useful:

You can also download the slide decks from slideshare.

Feel free to share with your startup teammates or colleagues

Happy new year!

Roy P.

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