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Learn all about how to use Buffer with this free Ebook

This must be the most spontaneous post I’ve ever written. It’s a bit promotional, but it’s passion based promo (I don’t have any personal or business connection to any of the mentioned names and products on this post).

I’m writing it while drinking what is now the 7th cup of coffee for the day and listening to Sarah and Tega’s Spotify sessions. A cute but short live EP recorded in the spottily’s NY offices. Cool concept. 

I’m a big fan of Buffer. I think it’s a great app with a great team. Hell, I even love their blog (which recently started a syncing deal with If asked about the tools I use daily, Buffer will definitely be one of my top 10, if not top 5 list. Well, you get it.


Passion promo

Passion promo.


When telling people about Buffer I always start by explaining what it does, how it helps me get more things done, and use Twitter more efficiently (I use it mainly for Twitter and LinkedIn). People always get excited about the idea and ask me where they can find out more about it. I never had an answer, until now.

Cem, a digital content producer which runs the always-fun-to-read blog ‘powerful nonsense”  just posted a very detailed guide on how to use Buffer. It’s a great guide explaining all the features and some ‘extra mile’ content and it’s totally free! How cool is that? You can get it here.

This download contains a free Ebook with everything you need to know to get Buffer up and running, with a few video tutorials included.

A great team

A great team.


I love when people produce great and helpful content and just give it away for free. It’s amazing. I found out about this Ebook through a tweet and wanted to give it more credit than just a retweet, hence, this blog post.

I hope it helps you get hooked on Buffer as I am.

If you find the Ebook helpful don’t forget to say thanks to Cem via Twitter or follow his blog and of course, don’t forget to share it.

Don’t forget to download the Free Ebook

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How to use buffer - A free Ebook

How to use buffer – A free Ebook



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