How To Use Trello To Manage Your Content Marketing Team

One of the key things to stay productive at work is to use the right tools and to be in complete sync with your team.

I’ve tried them all. Asana, Podio, Wrike – name it – I’ve tried it.

A few months ago, Lior Frenkel, Founder of the The NuSchool convinced me to fully go into Trello and start using it as my only project management tool. And boy was he right.

I’ve started using it with some of my clients (Captain Up and Powtoon were the first to fully go on board with this) and we have been using it for our team here at the office as well.

For me, the problem with using new products, is to really see how I can fit them into my life and my needs.

Using ‘Tuteboard’ platform, i’ve gathered some of the content that really helped me get my content marketing teams together and use Trello for our editorial calendar, developing posts and even as a checklist to promote and publish content.

I want to share this guide with you.

How To Use Trello With Your Content Marketing Team

What platform are you using? Let me know in the comments.

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  • This Is How We Manage Our Content Marketing Team Using Trello  Buffer

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  1. Alger Beck

    Trello is good but I think you must check out proofhub for your projects as well. This is very handy and useful tool for handling marketing projects as well as teams.

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