How To Get Your First 1000 Users For Your Startup

How To Get The First 1,000 Users For Your Startup

“How can I get my first 1,000 users?” Is one of the most popular questions I get asked whenever I do consultations or meet a new client.

Last week, specially for Ledel’s FlyBudapest conference, I teamed up with (the amazing!) Ben Lang to answer that question.

In a 45 minute talk, we shared 6 best practices on how to acquire the first users for your startup.

For those who didn’t get a chance to come to the conference, we’ve uploaded the talk slides:

P.S Would you want to see this talk as a webinar?
If so – Send us a tweet (i’m on @roypovar and Ben’s at @benln) or leave a comment

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  1. Brian Belfitt

    The slides contain great piece of information. For any startup, gathering the first set of customers is always tough. Retaining the customers is also important. When you retain customers, you get repeat business. Existing customers also help in bringing new customers by referring them. Giving away free services at the beginning can be a great strategy to get more customers.

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