How to get more followers on Instagram (Infographic)

I love infographics. If I was a professional designer, I’d be sitting at home all day doing weird researches just so I could sum the information up in an infographic. Unfortunately, I am not a designer, so please keep that in mind as you keep reading.

About a month ago I spoke at a local business in Tel Aviv about how to use Instagram to improve your business’s marketing. It was a two hours session that included an explanation of the major and most effective techniques. The ‘How To’s and the etiquette that should be used in this specific social network.

As part of that talk I covered the ‘must have’s and “11 ways to get more followers on Instagram”. That seemed to get the most attention out of my audience as they enjoyed learning about the core practices and exactly what they should and should not do.

When I came home I decided to learn from the session and change the format of my lectures based on the reaction I received from this audience. For this, I decided to use infographic! So I sat down, opened my Photoshop and started putting together my first ever infographic- a “How To” infographic.

Before I continue, please note these four points:

1. This is the first one I’ve ever made an infographic

2. I’m not a designer

3. Ever since I posted it on Pinterest it is getting a lot of attention (more than 20 Re-pins a day without promoting it in any way)

4. The information on it is kick-ass, straight to the point, and works perfectly as an educational tool! That’s what matters

How to get more followers on Instagram

How to get more followers on instagram by roy povarchik


What do you think of my first-ever Infographic?

Feel free to share it with your followers on Twitter or Pin it your favorite Pinterest board

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