Growth Hacking resources

Growth Hacking Resources: 56 Blogs You Should Follow To Stay On Top

How can I become a growth hacker? Is there a ‘growth hacking’ book or a growth hacking blog I should read? What are the best resources on Growth Hacking? These are some of the most heard of questions about growth hacking today.

While I find it hard to give a definitive answer on how to start doing growth hacking, I can easily say that you never finish learning how to be a growth hacker.

New hacks and creative ideas are formed every day and there is alway a new growth hacking technique you can learn. Reading is the best way to keep track of all that’s new.

Following the right blogs and growth hacking resources will definitely help you stay on top of things, so I’ve made a list of 56 blogs you should definitely follow.

Growth Hacking resources

Growth Hacking resources


How to Use This List to Stay Productive

Of course you can’t start everyday by reviewing 56 blogs, and you definitely don’t have time to read every post out there.

Here’s how I go about it:

  1. I subscribe to each blog using Feedly
  2. I segment the blogs according to categories (i.e., content marketing, analytics etc.)
  3. Start every morning by reviewing a different category .
  4. By using Feedly’s  ‘Title’s Only’ mode, I can scan through headlines and previews
  5. Read only the one’s that look interesting and relevant.


56 Blog every growth hacker should follow

Lets the subscribing begin!

Content Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Email marketing  and SEO

1. Buffer
2. Moz
3. Startup Moon
4. CopyBlogger
5. Copyhackers
7. SEMrush
8. Autosend
9. Mailchimp
10. Dailyseo
11. Impact
12. Colibri
13. ProBlogger
14. Wistia  (Video Focused)
15. Hubspot
16. Quicksprout
17. Growth Pulse


User Acquisition and Retention

18. Noah Keagan
19. KingSumo
20. Useronboard
21 Shopify 
22. Intercom
23. Ryan Gum


Conversion Rate Optimization, AnalyticsA/B testing and other data focused blogs

24. ConversionXL
25. Crazyegg
26. Conversioner
27. Unbounce
28. Optiimizely
29. Singlegrain 
30. LeadPages
31. RJMetrics
32. Baremetrics


Hardcore Growth Hacking

33. Kissmetrics
34. Nerdy Data
35. Clarity
36. GrowhHack
37. Airbnb
38. Sixteen Ventures
39. Luke Thomas
41. Growth Hacking Pro
42. Aaron Ginn
43. Andrew Chen
44. Gleam
45. Ryan Hoover 

Upadte: Petitehacks


Great marketing blogs to help you grow

46. Michael Hyatt
47. Profoundry
48. Groove HQ
49. Gainbits 
50. Pickcrew


Growth hacking forums and the best growth hacking site

51. Reddit – Growth Hacking sub-reddit
52. Growth Hackers TV
54. Collections on Medium
56. Twitter list of Growth Hackers


Am I missing something? Is there a blog you you think is fantastic and should be on this list? Let me know in the comments

Are you on Twitter?

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  2. Eric Hrynczyszyn

    I saw this a few months back and thought it was interesting. So I put it in a bookmark folder thinking I would get back to it. The truth of the matter is, I rarely get back to anything in a folder unless its a tool. Fast-forward to now, I’m realizing that I can’t keep up with all these blogs that I want to read, and immediately this post came to my head. I’ll be using your method with feedly now.

    You know it’s a great post when someone specifically remembers it. Thanks Roy!

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  4. Svetlana

    Thank you for your list! It is incredibly helpful!
    Many of this resources I’ve already had in my feedly. And after exploring I added a few more. And I like your trick with feedly folders.
    But I have other problem: there are too many useful informations in this blogs. How you save and organize it for the future usage? Because save all of this in a brain is impossible.

  5. Danny @ LemonStand

    Awesome list! I thought I already subscribed to every good marketing and growth hacking blog already, but there were a few I hadn’t heard of in here 🙂

    Our team at LemonStand actually blogs about growth hacking and conversion rate optimization in context of eCommerce a ton. It would be an honor to be added to your list.

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