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Do you remember the basics?

Hey Everyone,
It feels like it’s been a long time since I posted something new. My last post was a short apologetic one, filling in for a birthday post, so it didn’t feel like an actual post to me. I hope this post will make up for it.

As I was going through my morning ritual of Coffee & Updates (While listening to the great Lee Morgan’s ‘Take 12’  in the background) I ran into a short post – ‘Using Twitter For Business – Tweeting your way to the top”.

I love reading  ‘How – To’ posts for Social Media. Each new posts gives you an idea of how different people define and explore the meaning of ‘engaging’, ‘being human’ or ‘online relationships’ . This post was no different, but it triggered something additional.

This great post is really quite short and focuses on a basic matters:
Engage with people and don’t just broadcast your post,
follow people who are interested in the same thing as you and
use the right Hash Tags.

The ‘Basic’ life circle

These are all great tips, though pretty basic. The beautiful thing about the basics is that they go through a process: We practice and perfect them -> We use them regularly -> We take them for granted -> We don’t pay attention and they slip away from us.

Reading Elizabeth’s post made me realize it’s been a long time since I started a direct conversation on Twitter or even took the time and effort to #hashtag a certain topic I was talking about. I’m pretty active on Twitter and still it’s been a long time since I practiced these very basic twitter principles.

Do you constantly review your basics?

When you practice something many times you sometime rush forward to the ‘Advanced features’ and think the basics are so obvious that you’ve probably covered them. When you go back and check the small details you’ll find that you might’ve missed quite a few of them.

For Example:
I recently did a session about ‘Facebook Marketing and Content Strategies’. It’s a 4 hours workshop for SMB’S and brand managers on how to engage on Facebook, create great content and give value.  We don’t talk much about the technical side of things, just the needed features.

Some time around the 3rd hour of the workshop one of the attendees asked me a simple question about editing some of his private friend’s list. Apparently, it’s been so long since I actually took time to edit my lists is that I didn’t remember where the feature was. Quite embarrassing.

I’ve seen this happen over and over to marketers, campaign managers & everyday users.

Create a check list - Roy Povarchik's blog

Review your basics with check- lists

Create a Check-list:

You can’t review every step and lesson you’ve learned on your way to being as  great as you are (And I’m sure you are!), It will consume too much.

This is where check-lists come in handy. You can review them really fast and keep focused at the same time.

Setting up the Checklists

So how do you set up your checklist?
 What works for me is creating lists by two parameters: Subjects and Review Time.

Subjects: You don’t want to create a 100 items list when only 10 may be relevant. You want to stay focused on the subject in matter so it could be easily traceable and specifically focused on your needs. If it’s a Twitter engagement practices or small details of your project planning, choose the topic and create the list.

Review Time: When do you need to review your checklist? every end of the month? Is it every time you start a new project? Maybe daily? The more specific you’ll get the less worrying about missing things you’ll be. (If you’re familiar with David Allen’s GTD method then you know that’s the secret for a more focused and relaxed mind).

Lists are the ultimate answer to never forgetting and always being on top of things. I encourage you to try it. I’d love to hear how it works for you. 

P.S Are you a Pinterest fan?

This is an off-topic for this post and will probably interest only Pinterest fans. I started enjoying Pinterest just recently but now I’m pretty active. I’ve set up two new boards for ‘The After Hours‘. One is dedicated to the pictures that appear on my posts, and the other is dedicated to the music I mention and listen to while writing these long pieces of text. If you’ re an active user you should check the new boards out. Feel free to look around and check the ‘Social media infographics board‘ or the ‘Books that inspire‘ board. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Luiz Centenaro

    Back to the basics, I have the issue of creating too many lists. On my phone, on google drive, on paper, I need to start sticking to just paper and only write the important things that need to get accomplished. I found you on that Pinterest grind though.

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