I tried thinking of the perfect and simplest way to craft this ‘Contact Us’ page and here’s what I could come up with: Simply putting up my contact details and let you choose your preferred way.

Always feel free to reach out through E-mail, twitter or Facebook.

Just to point out:
It might take me a few days  to answer – But I always respond. I get a lot of mails each day, so sometimes it will take me a couple of days to get back to you but I promise I will. (Twitter is faster for me)

Booking a lecture – I lecture about various topics including Social Media , Content Marketing, Online Branding, Building Communities and more. I love getting out there and talk to people. If you want to book a lecture please mention it on the subject line it’s easier for me to spot and respond appropriately.

Work with me – My new ‘Official’ (Do people still use this word for websites?) websites will be up real soon and have the full details of my work and how you can hire me for consults and projects. So for now, we’ll just have to talk through mail or skype about it. Please mention it on your mail’s subject line.

After the ordeal – my contact info:

My Twitter handle is @roypovar and here’s a link to my Facebook profile

If you’re on Pinterest you can also check me out here or see connect with me by Linkedin

Have a great day!


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