A rain

A new beginning

Hey evreyone,

Thanks for stopping by my new blog.
I’ve been meaning to open a new blog for about 4 months now – planning, dreaming and defining its content and then redefining it over and over again. Yesterday morning I’ve decided that i was postponing it for too long. 5 hours later the blog was up and running. kind of.
I’ll probably make many iterations in the next couple of weeks but that’s OK. Content is king anyway, right?

What is this blog about anyway?

First thing you should know is that i’m writing this post while sitting on my balcony and listening to two things – What I believe is the first meaningful rain is Israel this year and second is Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’ album.
If you want to know more about me, you can check the ‘About‘ page.

To summarize it – I consult Start-ups, Brands and SMB’s in building their community through digital channels. Meaning: directing and planning their content marketing strategy throughout the social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.), E-mail marketing and costumer service. I guide them into developing better relationships with their costumers by creating valuable content and activities. But this is not what this blog is about.

This is a photo of  rain, but not THE rain i’m listening to. 

As Steve Jobs said in his famous Stanford Commencement – life is about connecting the dots. I believe that creativity and resourcefulness come for our curiosity and life experiences. Everything you experience and learn in life enriches you and affects the way you think about things or analyze a certain situation. So for me, the dots are everything i’m exposed to that inspires me, motivates me, raises my curiosity or interest me.

This is what ‘The After Hours’  is all about. It’s a personal outlet for all these things.
Will I be writing about social media, building communities and marketing? Of course! But i’ll be writing about the things that captured my attention. Something new i’ve learnt or thought about, book or great music reviews, theories and all kinds of things.

I can’t promise you what the exact content will be or my blogging schedule. I can promise I’ll try to make it as interesting, as honest and as entertaining  as I possibly can.

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