The key is to actually care

5 key values for being a better person learnt from social media marketing

Hey, this post is a result of a bus ride. I don’t know why, but riding the bus (as well as riding in the backseat of a car) really gets my creative juices flowing. It gets me thinking about stuff I usually don’t have time to think about.

On this specific bus ride, I’m listening to Nick Cave and the Bad seed’s new album and thinking about a discussion I had in one of my last lectures regarding ‘Building a community around your brand’. We discussed the mental change one has to make in order to build a community and establish a great brand identity on social media and blogs.

For me, the basic of social media marketing is very simple, be human and actually care about what you do and your niche. Oh, and love your costumers (even if they’re “just” potential costumers). 

But what does ‘being human’ or ‘caring about what you do’ actually mean? or as someone asked me: ‘How do you show costumers your love?”

When trying to explain myself, I eventually broke it down to 5 key values that make a great marketer in the age of social media. After carefully re-thinking this, I believe these are the same 5 values that make us great human beings.

The key is to actually care

The key is to actually care

The 5 key values for being a better person


The key characteristics I think make a great online marketer are the same ones I’ll really appreciate in a friend. Or even better, my soul mate.

1. Listen  – as simple as that. As a marketer you have to listen to what people are saying about your brand, your niche, but most of all, you have to listen to their problems and what their needs are. It’s one of the most important things to do, just listen. You’ll learn a lot from it and be able to create good content, attractive offers and give great solutions. Listening is one of the foundations of every relationship, human or business.

2. Create value – when producing content, either as a part of your social strategy or content marketing it has to give real value and be really great. Good content that gives real value spreads, while mediocre content sinks. When engaging with costumers or potential costumers, you have to really care and give them value with each content you present. Otherwise, it simply won’t be effective, or might even be annoying and hurt your brand. Giving value is what keeps people around, and keeps your brand likeable and memorable.

3. Authenticity – This one should be easy right? But similar to our daily lives, people find it hard to be themselfes. Building a community requires being authentic and earning trust. People can spot a “fake” a million miles away . Everything will be easier if you just be your self. It’s the most persuasive way to attract people.

Marketing is caring

Caring is about asking people how they are and trying to improve their day with your content

4. Persistence – Trust equals persistence, it means you’ve learnt to count on someone based on a consistency of your experience with that person or brand. When building your brand with social media or blogging, you have to be consistent to be trusted by your community. Persistence is how they know you’ll be there when they need you to help them. Persistence is key in  building a relationship.

5. Caring – being kind is about helping people make the best decisions or referring them to right content even if it’s not yours. Caring is about asking people how they are and trying to improve their day with your content, not spam them with sales and marketing propositions. You know, actually being kind, helpful and caring about them.

Listen, create value for the people you interact with, authenticity, persistence, accountability and really care for others. These are amazing qualities in a person and necessary qualities to be an amazing social / content marketer online.

So what do you think, can your online marketing experience give you the edge of being an amazing person?


This is the first post I’ve ever written solely on the iPad mini, which surprisingly is very comfortable (better experience than the iPad).  What’s your regular blogging tool?

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  1. Dalit lavi

    I really enjoyed this post! I am trying to start a community
    and find it difficult but once I will I will have this in front of me thanks!

  2. Mary Henderson

    I read number 4 on your list as time. It takes time to build trust and a relationship. I’ve had five weeks to build blog buzz as a social media graduate assignment and it’s just not enough time. I’m determined not to leverage existing social contacts, but it’s hard to make new connections during such a short timeframe and build meaningful traffic to a blog. Any advice?

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