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The idea behind this blog was to build a platform where I can share and connect with you at the most personal level. It is called “The After Hours” because it is meant to be un-filtered, un-censored and most  of all, in-formal.

I am a consultant for building communities in the digital age. I consult Start-Up, Small  Businesses and brands about building their community through Social Media, E-mail marketing, Content Marketing and building relationships with clients. How to add real value to their community.

I also give lectures / talks about Social Media, Content Marketing, Community Building and ‘Value Marketing’. (I’ll soon be posting a more official page for that)

If you want to check the ‘Official’  and longer “About me” version, just click here (coming soon!).

What this blog is about:

As Steve Jobs once said, life is about “connecting the dots”. I am a big admirer of Steve Jobs and Apple but regardless I’m particularly a big believer in that saying. I believe that creativity, resourcefulness and inspiration come from our points of curiosity. The more you read, explore, discover and take interest in a variety of subjects the more resourceful and creative you’ll be. The more you enrich your life with learning and new experiences the better you’ll be at solving problems, understanding behaviors, communicating and being innovative. (Yup, that’s taken from the longer ‘About me’ version)

In a way, the purpose of this blog is to celebrate the dots and share them with you.

Always feel free to contact me through mail (roy@roypovarchik.com), Facebook or my Twitter account.

Lets talk.

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